Dany Levy leveraged her ties to the journalism community when she launched her website, DailyCandy, a resource on the latest fashion, food, and fun. By e-mailing everyone she knew and asking them to forward the news to everyone they knew, Levy built a DailyCandy subscriber base that now totals some 90,000 readers.

Learn more about her Web start-up success in the February 2004 Inc. feature, "How I Did It," and then dive into these resources for more Web start-up strategies.

Rock Star
Richard Rhodes based his business on an unusual competitive edge -- he uses the Web to quickly source exotic materials from the most inaccessible spots on the globe.
Virginia is for Manufacturers
By launching her fashion company on-line, founder Jill-Anne Partain not only avoided the expense of manufacturing in a big city but also helped revive an economically distressed area.
The Absolutist
At a time when few consultants used the Web, Laura Ricci dared to start a company that required customers to work with her virtually.
A Sharper Image
Anthony and Aimee Arnold have reversed the natural order by launching a traditional business from a Web-based company.
The Dirtbag Demographic
Douglas Canning has shrewdly leveraged every aspect of the Internet to market his clothing brand.
Sit! Stay! Make Money! Good Company
Beginning as an information site for dog owners, SitStay.com has turned into a profitable online pet supply store.