The Aviator chronicles the life and work of one of America's most eccentric, and reclusive, entrepreneurs, Howard Hughes. Here, you'll find a collection of Q&As exploring the life of Hughes through the eyes of his biographer, James Steele, and the screenwriter of The Aviator, John Logan. You also will discover what some Inc. readers had to say about him after they viewed the film with Inc. Executive Editor Michael Hofman and Staff Writer Nadine Heintz.

John Logan talked with Inc. Staff Writer Patrick J. Sauer about living inside Howard Hughes' cagey head--and why it took him fifteen drafts to get The Aviator to the big screen.

James Steele talked with Sauer about Hughes, one of America's true eccentrics who happens to be one of its most fascinating entrepreneurs.

Thumbs Up or Down?

At the Movies With Patrick J. Sauer's very own "Gene Shalit" reviews The Aviator.

Inc. Readers Review The Aviator
Inc. readers discuss the film and the entrepreneur in this Q&A with Inc.