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The Top 10 Things You Should Know Before You Blog
Three business blogging experts share their best tips for getting started in the blogosphere.
Inc. Reads
Hillary Johnson writes in the August 2005 issue of Inc. that some of the smartest people she's met, she's met by reading their weblogs. As a complement to her list of regular reads, the Inc. and staff thought we'd share our own list with Fresh Inc. readers.

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Buzzwords: Plog
Now that we're all familiar with blogs, along comes a new new thing: the plog. Though there are a variety of definitions for the term (which Amazon has trademarked), the most relevant concept for business owners is using blog software to create a password-protected project log -- or plog for short. (Inc. magazine, Sept. 2004)
Blogging for Business
Blogging has been popular with teens, geeks, and flamboyant extroverts for years, but today, it's garnering more attention from businesses as a way to connect with customers and prospects. (, July 2003)
Weblog Resources
A handy list of links to weblog resources and interesting business blogs. (, July 2003)
Blogging for Dollars
Blogs may be the cheapest way to communicate with your customers. (Inc. magazine, May 2003)

Every entrepreneur knows about going public, but relatively few venture into the world of private placements. By selling stock in a private offering, a business owner can raise a significant amount of capital while avoiding the hassle and expense of going public.

Private Placements on Main Street
Michael M. Membrado, a principal in the law firm M.M. Membrado PLLC in New York City, offers 14 keys to getting a private placement deal done while avoiding traps in this white paper.
Published on: Jul 25, 2005