Always wondered what the summer interns really think? We polled a sample of New York-based interns to get their thoughts on surviving a summer indoors and on the job:

Stay occupied. "Being bored at an internship is the worst. If no one has assigned you something to work on, seek it out. When you're busy the hours fly by and you gain more experience and respect from your bosses and co-workers."
        -Jess Blumberg, Intern for Inc. magazine

Build in rewards. "Before I hit the office, I buy an oatmeal raisin cookie and try to save it for mid-day. It gives me something to look forward to and a reward for myself for making it through that part of the day."

        -Julie Leibach, Intern for National Public Radio

Be nice! "I recommend being friendly to everyone -- the receptionist, mailroom people, IT personnel and the janitors. You never know when you might need their help to get something important done. It helps to have friends in all sorts of places."
        -Kaija Helmetag, Intern for New York magazine

Eat right. "You must have breakfast in the morning so that you can take a late lunch -- the second half of the day is always slower."
        -Crystal Fisher, Intern at NOVA

Work for money. "Get an internship that pays! I work three days at my internship and the other four days at my paying job. Plus I take a night class. I survive off of $0.65 street vendor coffee."
        -Erica Martinson, Intern at New York Resident

Don't be a peon. "Interns need to take the initiative to start and finish tasks efficiently and on time without running to their boss with obvious questions every five minutes. If you act like a peon you'll get treated like a peon."
        -Katharine Jones, Intern at Jane magazine