A survey of executives at fast-growing companies reveals that securing data and serving customers better are among their top priorities. Conducted by Dell, the computer maker, the survey covered 605 respondents. Among the key findings:

• Of those CEOs surveyed, 63 percent consider their companies early adopters of new technology.

• A third of all CEOs (33 percent) say their companies make IT purchases based on the value they get for the money.

• Three out of four CEOs (76 percent) say that their primary driver for IT usage is to serve customers better.

• Some 72 percent of CEOs say they use IT resources as part of their company's overall growth strategy.

Protecting data was another area covered by the survey. Sixty-five percent of respondents said their goal was to ensure the safety and security of their company's data. More than half (55 percent) added that it was important for their employees to have constant access to critical information. Just under half of the CEOs surveyed (49 percent) said they were focused on having adequate back-up systems, and 45 percent said that an IT goal of their company was to allow users to access data remotely.