"If I was not afraid of dying, why am I afraid of failing?" said Ric Elias at the recent Inc. 500|5000 Conference.

Elias, the CEO and co-founder of Red Ventures, survived a plane crash in 2009, an experience that made him reconsider many aspects of his life, especially as an entrepreneur. Elias realized that the fear of failure, and fear in general, can hurt a business, because it makes CEOs too concerned about what might happen in the future, rather than focusing on the tasks and problems at hand.

"I realized that a fear of failure was driving me to think of the future," he said.  "It was robbing me of the ability to be present."

By being proactive about remaining "present" and asserting this idea to his employees, Elias says the company has become a much happier place.

See Elias' speech in the clip below: