In order to allow customers to exit their cars without getting wet during rainstorms, Shinei Motors requested an over-hanging roof above the entrance to its new car dealership and repair shop. The building's designer, Teruaki Uchino, drew up a plan to model the new dealership like an Ancient Greek helmet. (Think: Achilles's headgear in Troy.)

Uchino created an over-hanging roof that curved away from a concave wall, mimicking the curves to a Greek helmet's plume. The design is more than distinctive: it's downright iconic.

"Now, Achilles is a symbol of this town," Uchino says.

The most dramatic part of the interior is the second-floor waiting room. The dealership wanted to use only black, grey, and red paint. So Uchino painted the entire waiting room in red.

The room connects to the downstairs through a spiral staircase. A high wooden table with two tall chairs and a couch sit near the banister. Cone-shaped light fixtures hang from the ceiling.