One of the core tenets of adidas, the sports equipment retailer based in Germany, is the idea of "team." So with that notion in mind, KINZO architects designed a unique modular furniture system and interior offices that are literally built to help collaboration.

"All parts are functional and esthetically designed to work together: furniture that works as a team," KINZO designer Chris Middleton says. "Knowing that adidas' designers, product developers, distribution and marketing strategists work together in teams, we have created a system which can accommodate all the necessary products and working materials, from filing systems to sweatpants or soccer balls."

It's easy to be cynical that the only way to have a truly "cool office" is to have the backing of a giant corporate expense account. And while that's certainly at least partially true—the best architecture firms come at a high premium—there are little things your company can do to make your space reflect your brand.

For instance, adidas office designers used goal-like mesh netting to separate spaces, a clever allusion to the company's soccer brand. They also installed perforated walls, which give the space a sporty, utilitarian vibe. So the real key to a cool office? Creativity—not cash.