This retail and office space was carved into a 1940s theater in Milan for the brand Comvert, which designs and distributes clothing for skateboarders and snowboarders under the brand Bastard.

Before beginning the renovation of the theater, Milan-based studiometrico observed the habits, tastes, and styles of Comvert employees in order to create a workspace that would mesh seamlessly with their offbeat corporate culture.

The theater's existing features—including marble floors, a half-moon-shaped foyer, and two curved staircases—provided much of the inspiration for what was built in to augment them. A showroom is decked with mobile furniture, so that it can be converted into a meeting space, screening room, or runway. Administrative department offices are perched on a larch platform, and a wall of a courtyard is covered in graffiti by artist and skateboarder Lorenzo Fonda.

Oh, yeah, and there's a massive skating "bowl" elevated above the showroom. It's the company's "dream come true" element, and certainly attracts the right crowd to the brand.