For the first major renovation to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry office in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the government contacted a local architecture and design firm, Sadar + Vuga. When the work ended, a new façade adorned the building—a tangle of criss-crossing green beams covering tall glass windows.

Inside the building, a dull green light shrouds the upper floor enveloped by the green maze. It's almost like walking inside a plant and trying to look out.

The office has plenty of real plants though. Long troughs filled with tropical plants hang from ceilings, and as the plans grow, their vines and flowers stretch toward the ground. And some of the troughs curve down to the floor.

Still more greens sit in pots on the floor, including in the executives room, which is often used for ceremonial receptions, award ceremonies, banquet luncheons, and meetings for the extended management team. The building also features many glass ceilings, almost like skylights, allowing the sun to douse man and plant in brilliant light.