Here's one way to explain Missing Link's office: "A riot of color and carefully orchestrated chaos."

The Johannesburg-based company, which designs corporate presentations, had just six weeks to take the space from design concept to reality, but used the limited timeframe to dig up salvaged finds to create a truly eclectic look. And if Tribal DDB focused on minimalism, Missing Link went the opposite route entirely: a mashup of bathtubs, graffiti, and even a tree house to achieve an overwhelming—yet cohesive—design experiment.

The materials and activities you choose to include in your office set the tone for how employees treat their work. For Missing Link, which prides itself on its employees' relentless creativity, that meant including  things like an in-house tattoo parlor, a fire pole, and even a shooting range (meant to relieve employees' stress, of course).

After all, as the firm put it, "If you're going to spend most of your life at the office, you should work in an office you love."