No Picnic, one of the world's largest design consultants, turned two 19th Century buildings (originally an exercise hall for police troops and a horse stable) into its headquarters. Through a meticulous restoration process, Swedish architectural firm Elding Oscarson converted the space using reflecting glass walls to encase the conference rooms, creating an alluring, if not somewhat perplexing, design.

"The flat reflection of the glass appearing flush with the distorting metal surface makes the glass seem like a mirror while the metal appears transparent," the architects write. "The wall is there, yet it disappears."

While the mirrored glass offers a refreshing, modern aesthetic, the architects were careful to preserve space's original, authentic feeling. So while the new materials make the space comfortable for workers, the architects paid special attention to highlight "the light and space of the exercise hall, the old building’s straightforward display of material, construction, [and] imperfections."