What's a simple way to give a tiny room multiple uses? Get a moving wall. That's how Studio No. 6, a branding agency, solved the problem. It installed a three-sided structure that would separate the office into different areas. 

The agency opted to extend its creative touch even to the wall: It features several prints of a leaping purple frog. The frog's large eyes convey intense concentration and a hint of mischief, so it certainly extends Studio No. 6 brand. (The idea for the frog came from the "Hop" high frequency in nearby Boulder, Colorado.)

Plus, there's a usable workstation in the hollow part of the divider. Definite bonus points.

The office took advantage of the natural light by installing tall windows in the reception area. In the conference room and waiting area, there are white couches and chairs. With sunlight streaming in, resting on those ivory cushions gives a sense of calm, like sitting on a cloud in a sunny sky.