A trail of bright leaves is scatterd across each floor in Sugamo Shunkin Bank's Tokiwadi branch, which was designed by Emmanuelle Moureaux. The leaves were stenciled and painted in 24 vibrant and varied colors, from pale blues to fluorescent yellows.

The walls are stark white, creating a vivid contrast to the leaves. The trail begins at the front doors, which feature a silhouette of a white tree on the glass.

The addition of seven indoor courtyards, each with stringy, tall trees and soft grasses, gives the bank's interior an appearance of a magical forest, says the building's designer, Emmanuelle Moureaux.

Ever notice how a fallen leaf may be pockmarked with holes? The bank’s exterior façade channels that idea. Seventeen square holes are scattered over the exterior in all different sizes. The inside of each hole is painted as bright as the leaves. And just like the interior walls, the façade's wall is a stark white.