Thinkgarden wanted a way to promote creativity.

It the new "creative business lounge," the goal is to keep workers very relaxed, like napping-in-a-hammock relaxed. In fact, it the center of their building in Milan, Italy, is an area adorned with hammocks, just a few feet from more typical—and occupied—workstations. A circle of boulders near the hammocks allows workers a change, too, if they tire of their cramped chairs.

Even if a Thinkgarden employee stays at their desk, nature is never very far away. Bright pink and red tulips are perched on low cabinets. All the furniture is a bright white, making the greens stand out even more.

"Thinkgarden is a primordial space, yet friendly and welcoming, that creates meeting places for business, discussion and relax; it ensures privacy when needed blending indoors with outdoors," the designers wrote on Architizer. "A place to explore in search of new relationships where the appearance of "wild" is mixed with an ubiquitous technology, giving everyone the opportunity to isolate themselves from the hustle of the city without giving up its link with the world."

An interior garden with flowering trees and billowing shrubs has taken over an entire corner. Then there's a different kind of green, too: Next to the reception area is a carefully manicured putting green, perfect for anyone who thinks best on the golf course.