Wilson, the Chicago-based manufacturer of sports equipment, wanted a way to design a space that would channel the energy of professional sports players into the creative energy of its employees. Specifically, the architects at Gensler wanted to align the "energy and teamwork common to all sports, and promote creativity and innovation in all department."

Creations made of Wilson products—like a tennis ball chandelier and a pyramid of footballs—are displayed artfully throughout the office, and are even used by employees in the midst of prototyping new products.

A byproduct of manufacturing hundreds of thousands of footballs and tennis balls is, as one might expect, a whole lot of scrap material. Rather than throwing out the excess material, the designers repurposed leather, felt, and other materials in order to create textural accent walls. The result?

"Whimsical, sculptural presentations of the sporting goods feature the product in memorable ways," wrote jurors of the 2008 Society for Environmental Graphic Design competition.