Have you told your employees you love them recently?

Gary Hamel, the founder of Strategos, a management consulting firm, and a professor at London Business School, thinks maybe you should.

"If you want to borrow anything from Steve Jobs's legacy, take this: Reclaiming the 'noble' in your organization," he said at the World Business Forum today in New York City.

Hamel says that company leaders often use language with employees that feels cold and distant. Word like "values," "growth," and "leadership," work as talking points, but rarely resonate with employees, while words like "joy," "honor," and "beauty,"—words that Steve Jobs was known for using—are much more dramatic and inspirational.

"The are very few are words that move the human soul," he said. "So the next time you're in a meeting, I challenge you to say, 'The real thing we need here is a little bit more love.'"

So, will you take the bait? Or is Hamel's idea maybe just a tad romantic for your taste?