Marcus Lemonis, the CEO of Camping World and star of CNBC's hit television series The Profit, has more in common with restaurant entrepreneur Annie Vick than a penchant for business: They were both adopted.    

In Episode 4 of Inc.'s weekly Ask Marcus Lemonis video series -- in which an entrepreneur asks Lemonis a question about his or her biggest business challenge -- Vick admits as a "side note" why she wants to open up an Atlanta franchise location of her restaurant group, Pinnochio's Incredible Italian, which is based in Longmont, Colorado.

The reason is that her biological sister -- whom she met for the first time five years ago -- lives in Atlanta. "I really want to have a connection with her, and I want to see her," she says, candidly. 

Vick adds that she intends to hire her sister to lead the new restaurant -- without charging the standard franchise fee. 

Lemonis, who was adopted from a Beirut orphanage by a Miami family when he was 9 months old, empathizes with Vick's situation -- to a degree.

He's also leery about offering a family member a free franchise. "If you're getting other franchisees to sign up for the same thing, then you should offer her the same terms," he elaborates.

Lemonis also warns that family and business don't always go well together, something he knows about first-hand: "Business has a very funky way of making tension," he confides. 

Family aside, Vick also asks Lemonis about the best way to expand her restaurant chain beyond her current four locations (including one franchise).

While he doesn't immediately like her initial plan -- to franchise more restaurants -- he has a different idea for her. "You sound like an amazing restauranteur," he says.

Watch the entire episode (above) to find out his recommendation.