Apple topped Wall Street targets across the board in its fiscal fourth quarter, displaying strength across all its product lines on the eve of one of the most anticipated iPhone launches ever.

With $52.6 billion in sales, it not only beat Wall Street expectations, but it also beat its own forecast, which topped out at $52 billion

Apple shares surged over 3% in after-hours trading.

All three of Apple's major product lines -- iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers -- reported year-over-year unit sales growth.

Apple also issued strong guidance for its December quarter, which is its strongest quarter. Apple's forecasting between $84 and $87 billion in sales next quarter, which at the midpoint would be 9% higher than last year's $78.4 billion. 

Apple also declared a cash dividend of $.63 per share.

Here is what Apple reported: 

Q4 EPS (GAAP): $2.07 per share, up 24% year-over-year (y/y), versus Wall Street expectations of $1.87

Q4 Revenue: $52.6 billion, up 12% y/y, versus expectations of $50.5 billion and Apple's own forecast of between $50-$52 billion

Gross margin: 37.9%, flat y/y

iPhone units sold: 46.7 million, up 2% y/y, versus expectations of 46.1 million

iPhone average selling price: $618, flat y/y, versus expectations of $633.

iPad units sold: 10.3 million, up 11% y/y

Mac units sold: 5.3 million, up 10% y/y

Q1 2018 Forecast: $84 billion to $87 billion

Apple's having a good run. Before it reported earnings, its stock was already up 45% so far this year. This quarter's earnings will give a glimpse into the first week of sales for the iPhone 8, one of Apple's newest devices.

But investors will also be looking for color on the iPhone X, Apple's most expensive iPhone, during the company's earnings call. Strong pre-order activity and long backorder times suggests that it could be in short supply this next quarter. 

Notes from the conference call: 

5:20: Performance for Mac was fueled by demand for MacBook Pro, Apple's most expensive laptop. Educational purchases grew "double digits" year-over-year. 

5:17: Loyalty rate for current iPhone owners is 95%

5:14: Now CFO Luca Maestri is speaking. 

5:12: "Wearables business" up 75% year-over-year. Includes Apple Watch, Beats, and AirPods. Annual revenue of a Fortune 400 company. 

5:10: Apple Watch had unit growth of over 50% for the third straight quarter. Cook says LTE is a "game changer."

5:08: Tim Cook"AR is going to change the way you use technology forever." 1000 AR apps in the App Store. 

5:07: Services revenue reached all-time quarterly record. 

5:06: iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are the two most popular iPhone models and have been since they were released. iPhone X production is going well "especially considering how advanced the product is."  

5:05: Tim Cook says India sales doubled year-over-year. 

5:05: Tim Cook is giving his prepared remarks. Surprise! Apple had a great quarter. 

4:55: We're waiting for Apple to get started. 

Here are the charts: 

Apple chartApple

bii apple iphone sales and yoy growth 3q17BII

bii apple iphone sales 3q17BII

bii apple ipad sales and yoy growth 3q17BII

bii apple ipad sales 3q17BII

bii apple mac sales and yoy growth 3q17BII

bii apple mac sales 3q17BII

bii apple asp by device category 3q17BII

bii apple asp yoy growth by device 3q17BII

bii apple iphone asp 3q17BII

bii apple revenue by product 3q17BII

bii apple revenue share by product 3q17BII

bii apple services revenue and yoy growth 3q17BII

bii apple revenue yoy growth by product 3q17BII

bii apple services share of total revenue 3q17BII

bii apple total revenue and yoy growth 3q17BII

This post originally appeared on Business Insider.