Boris Kontsevoi

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Boris Kontsevoi is a founder and President of Intetics Inc ( Under his leadership, a company founded in 1995 became a leading global software engineering and digital transformation organization with 800 mature specialists in staff, multiple professional certifications and industry awards, including IAOP’s Global Outsourcing 100, Software 500, Inc 5000, Stevie People’s Choice and GSA’s Best of Class company.

Boris has over 35 years of experience leading software development teams and over 50 scientific publications in the field of computer science and automation. He is a Certified Outsourcing Professional, and inventor of several business service models including Offshore Dedicated Team® and Remote In-Sourcing®. He is also an initial creator of the Predictive Software Engineering methodology, as well as TETRA™, Technical Debt Reduction Platform, for a comprehensive quantitative assessment of quality of software products.

He serves as a Distinguished Judge of WebAward Competition since the year 2000. Boris is a recipient of the Strategic Leader of the Year 2021 award from GSA, WebAwards 2021 for the new Intetics slide-website, Top 100 Tech Innovators and Influencers 2020 from Intercon, Gamechanger of the Year (2017) from ACQ5, and the Entrepreneurial Excellence Award (2009) from The Business Ledger. Kontsevoi is also a professional member and contributor of the IAOP, GSA, Forbes Technology Council, and IDG/ Beyond that, he is dedicated to support the Red Cross Society, Wikipedia, tech startups, and other socially meaningful projects.