David Ewing Duncan

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David Ewing Duncan is an award-winning science journalist in print, television, and radio; and the best-selling author of ten books published in 21 languages, most recently publishing Talking to Robots: Tales from our human-robot futures (Dutton). He is Curator of Arc Fusion and a frequent contributor to Wired, Vanity Fair, Daily Beast, MIT Technology Review, The New York Times, Atlantic, and others. He has also written for Fortune, National Geographic, Discover, Life, Outside, and Newsweek, and was a longtime commentator on NPR and a special correspondent and producer for ABC Nightline and NOVA’s ScienceNow! His book Calendar was a bestseller in 14 countries; he also wrote the bestseller Experimental Man. David’s work has won numerous awards, including Magazine Story of the Year from AAAS. David lives in Boston and San Francisco, where he is a member of the San Francisco Writer’s Grotto, a writer’s society. www.davidewingduncan.com.