Gemma Bonham-Carter

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Gemma Bonham-Carter is an online course strategist and digital marketer who has helped over 5,000 entrepreneurs and hundreds of students launch and scale their businesses. She believes in simplicity, with a focus on building scalable, sustainable digital businesses with a long-term vision and effective strategies that don’t rely on traditional working hours or social media fame. With her two signature programs, Course Creator School and The Passive Project, Gemma coaches clients on how to monetize their ideas using online courses and digital products. Gemma also hosts her own YouTube channel and podcast, The Passive Project, which is a no-fluff, action-packed show that pulls back the curtain to truly show listeners what it takes to create, launch, and grow a successful digital product business. Gemma’s online career started with one of her many creative side gigs, a DIY home decor blog, which she monetized, spoke about at a number of conferences, and was featured in many of Canada's top publications, including a 6-part series in The Globe & Mail. She graduated with a master’s in public health, studying global health initiatives in both Canada and abroad in England. When she's not building her latest training or coaching inside of her student communities, you'll find her chasing after her two young kids, traveling, or tackling her next room makeover.