Heather Fortner

Heather’s journey started in client care, and over the course of 20+ years in the industry, she worked her way up to becoming SignatureFD’s CEO.
Along the way, Heather learned two key things that fuel how SignatureFD serves its team members and clients:

1) people need a purpose in life, and

2) people need a purpose for their wealth.

These beliefs are the cornerstone of SignatureFD’s client promise, Net Worthwhile™, which is the idea that your wealth is only valuable to the extent that it helps you live a life you truly want. As CEO, Heather leverages her Master of Science in Professional Counseling to truly listen – to the SignatureFD team, clients, and the industry – to realize the organization’s vision and mission to impact the lives of 10,000 families. A highly sought-after leader in the industry, Fortner is regularly asked to speak on women in leadership, the ever-changing landscape of wealth management, and what it means to break glass ceilings for others. In 2021, Heather was awarded CEO of the Year by Wealth Management magazine for the category Individual RIA Firm Leaders.

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