Kelly Hoey

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Kelly Hoey is a speaker, strategist, and angel investor with a focus on creating opportunities through networking solutions. She has worked with leading companies, professionals, and organizations to help them understand, leverage, and unleash the potential of their formal and informal social networks. Kelly is the author of the forthcoming book “Build Your Dream Network” to be released in January 2017 (Tarcher Perigee). "Stop committing random acts of networking" is Kelly's frequent (and favorite) advice. Kelly has co-founded a startup accelerator, and not only invested in startups, but assumed an interim operations role in an emerging tech company. Before her entrepreneurial leap, she was a corporate lawyer and had a five-year stint in law firm management. Kelly is the Chief Technology Ambassador for the YWCA of NYC's Geek Girls Club and a mentor on Millennial career platform Levo League.