Podcasts are a hot trend right now, and that's because they're easy to listen to on a morning commute, during a workout or even cleaning the house. With thousands to choose from, here are ten top podcasts that discuss advice on startups, entrepreneurs, financial planning for a new generation, marketing trends and more.

Planet Money

Arguably the most popular business oriented podcast, Planet Money is a project of National Public Radio. It discusses current events that affect the economy and a wide range of topics from bankruptcy to paying ransom. Aiming for a more relaxed feel than traditional NPR broadcasting, Planet Money is more like a conversation at a bar than a boardroom.

How I built This

Fascinating for entrepreneurs and nontrepeneurs alike, How I Built This is a weekly close up with the founders of major companies like Lonely Planet to Starbucks to Southwest Airlines. Focusing on their stories, background and early challenges, anyone who's had to deal with startup fatigue can understand these stories and even take away some great motivation for when things in the startup world are tough.

The Dave Ramsey Show

This is great financial advice on a consumer level for nearly everyone. Although the topics of The Dave Ramsey Show vary greatly from things like staying on a personal budget, dealing with balance transfer credit cards and graduating from college without debt, there's an episode for everyone. The down to earth nature of the show is appealing, and the financial suggestions are tangible regardless of your wealth stage.

Side Hustle School

It's all in the name for Side Hustle School. This daily podcast simply aims to help entrepreneurs get working on a money making project that doesn't require quitting their current job. Broken down into simple steps, success stories from other entrepreneurs and motivational topics, Side Hustle School looks to help others get started from "idea to income in 27 days."

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is the author of The 4-Hour Workweek. An appealing idea, it's no surprise that this book was a best seller. Using Tim's creative approach to spending time effectively, he deconstructs the habits of leaders in every sort of business to understand the tools, tips and routines that they've used to get where they are.

Weird Work

Still in it's podcast infancy, Weird Work is put out by marketing leader HubSpot to highlight the strange yet interesting ways that people make money. From being a professional bridesmaid to writing dinosaur erotica, this lighthearted podcast showcases creativity in entrepreneurship and a little motivation to keep working on the side project.

Marketing Secrets

The goal of a lot of startups is to find significant venture capital. For those who prefer to remain bootstrapped, there can be a lot more challenges with a limited budget. Russell Branson's weekly podcast Marketing Secrets gives examples, tips and tricks on how to promote a product on a shoestring.


Passive income sounds like a wonderful thing, but it's much harder to obtain than just think about. AMSecrets looks at the way that people around the world are generating cash flow with a particular focus on eCommerce. Looking at the low barriers to entry, this show appeals to even the casual entrepreneur.

The GAryVee Audio Experience

The GaryVee Audio Experience is really that -- an experience. Drawing on the success of the host, Gary Vaynerchuk, this podcast delivers a host of different material. Ranging from keynote speeches on marketing and business, interviews with industry leaders and even just personal thoughts, it's nearly impossible to listen to this experience without coming away with actionable business steps.

Millennial Money

Millennials are changing the way that we do just about everything -- including how they approach finances and retirement. Patrick O'Shaughnessy bucks the notion of working a job to maybe retire at 65, and delivers interesting new outlooks on how to plan for the future through nontraditional investing and wealth management.


Avi Savar is CEO and Managing Partner of Dreamit, a top venture accelerator and early stage investment fund. He is the author of Content to Commerce and consults globally on trends in digital media, disruptive technologies and corporate innovation. He has been featured on Fox News, Forbes, Mashable, Business Insider, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, the New York Times and is a contributing editor for Inc.