Staying healthy on the road is one of the biggest challenges my busy entrepreneurial clients face. Whether it's rushing to meetings, or spending a significant portion of the week in airports, finding healthy food and staying on plan can be difficult. In addition, work-related travel is often stressful. This may prompt you to reach for sugary or refined foods for a quick boost, only to feel the crash later in the day, turning your mind to mush.

It is possible to travel healthfully though. While optimal food choices are not as ubiquitous as the candy and chips, they are available. Choosing them will allow you to stay focused and sharp all day long, turning your business trip into a fantastic success.

Whenever possible, eat before you get to the airport so that you only need to forage for snacks rather than whole meals. Not only will this help insure you are eating optimally, it will save you a few pennies too!

1. Hard boiled eggs

Packed with protein and brain enhancing nutrients such as lecithin, eggs are an excellent snack or meal option. Available in most delis and airport kiosks, eggs are a quick and satisfying go-to food. Not only will they curtail your appetite, they will also give you an energizing boost. If you can bring them from home, even better!

2. Almond butter packets

This protein-rich spread goes well with apples, bananas or celery sticks. Keep a tub in your office so you have it available when you're in town, and carry packets in your briefcase or purse for a convenient, readily available snack. All you'll need to find is a piece of fruit, which is easily found in delis, supermarkets and airport kiosks.

3. Small bag of nuts

Nuts are an easy, convenient and tasty way to get quality protein and essential fats in your diet that will not only sate you, but also help to boost brain health. The fats in nuts contribute to a sense of happiness and calm. You can buy them in bulk and measure out a portion to take with you or buy a small bag on the go. Try and have walnuts and almonds over peanuts and cashews for enhanced nutrition.

4. Fruit

Feeling stressed and craving sugar? Put down the donut and get some fruit. Even if you need two servings to help quell cravings, go for it. The fiber in fruit mitigates the sugar's impact on your metabolism so you won't get the same highs and lows as you would with processed treats. For even greater, high energy and stress-reducing results, have the fruit with some almond butter or a handful of nuts.

5. Oatmeal with cinnamon, nuts and fruit

Too rushed to eat breakfast at home? Skip the Cinnabon counter and head over to Starbucks. Here you will find oatmeal that you can order with dried fruit or nuts. Ask for both, then add a healthy amount of cinnamon. The combination of the carbs, fat and protein will nourish your body, feed your mind and help you feel energized and steady all morning long. The cinnamon will help keep your sugar levels stable. You can even add cinnamon to your coffee for metabolism boosting benefits and enhanced flavor. A win-win!

6. Kombucha

These drinks are becoming more and more popular for good reason! Not only are they low in calories, they also provide beneficial bacteria to the gastrointestinal tract, which in turn helps with digestion and assimilation of nutrients. They can also give you an energizing boost that, unlike coffee, won't make you crash later in the day. Refreshing and healthy, this is an excellent snack option during your busy day on the road.

7. Green drink

If you're making your way through the city on a hectic day, see if you can pop into a health food store and get a green juice. They are not only a great source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, nutrients that have been shown to boost immunity and ward off disease, these amazing cocktails will help reduce stress and anxiety while enhancing your looks! You'll show up to your meeting looking calm, refreshed, and energized!

8. Kind Bar

In a pinch, get a KIND bar but be careful of which one you choose. Look for the ones that have less than 5 grams of sugar in order to avoid an afternoon crash. Stay mindful of having these once in a while though and not rely on them as a regular snack. You are still far better off with fruit than this glorified (although healthy) candy bar.