Why is energy so critical for success? Great football coach and motivator Vince Lombardi once said, "Fatigue makes cowards of us all."  We need a reservoir of energy to keep us at our best all the time. When we get burnt out and physically exhausted, our confidence begins to weaken--and that is the beginning of the end for real sales success.
If there's one thing that's been abundantly clear over the years, it's this: Confidence is crucial for sales success. And remember, you're the leader and confidence is contagious.
So what does it take to build and maintain enthusiasm, energy and passion for what you do? Here are five key things you can do right now.
1.  Get your best customer on the phone.

If you want to get fired up, visit a customer who's fired up about what you've sold them.  There's something rejuvenating about a customer telling you how much they've benefited from your product or service. 
2.  You are where you sit. Change it up.

You become what you think about, what you surround yourself with, and what you engage in all day long.  Be picky about the people you surround yourself with.  There are toxic people out there, just like there are toxic environments. The science is very clear that negative thoughts have a negative biological affect and positive thoughts have a positive effect.
3.  Learn something new.

When I find myself down and at a loss of energy, I start to read something uplifting-- anything about human performance or how someone overcame adversity and achieved success.  We always need to be learning something new.  Did you ever wonder why kids are always so enthusiastic?  It's because every day they are learning something new. 
4. Take a 20-minute break ... right now.

When I have a clear mind and am focused, I accomplish much more. My best ideas come when I'm doing something away from my work. Take a break--whether it's reading, walking, or a hobby you enjoy.  It allows the clutter to settle and you come back to work refreshed. 
5.  Eat a smarter snack.

I'm not a doctor or nutritionist, but I could be one with all the research and interviews I've conducted on this subject.

Here's the short list of what you can put in your body to have more energy now:

  • vegetables
  • nuts
  • fruit
  • beans and other legumes
  • grains, brown rice, oatmeal
  • fish, lean chicken and turkey
  • 8 bottles of water throughout the day

Notice these foods have "one" ingredient and are not processed foods.  We all know this works--it's just common sense that isn't so common anymore.