You might know everything about your product, your industry, and your competition. But sales success comes down to belief in yourself and what you have to offer your clients. How can you create a deep-seated belief that propels you over obstacles? How can you cultivate a quiet confidence that comes across during sales meetings? Here are some ways to build and maintain an internal belief system that keeps your sales energy strong.

Live to serve
Each time I research a prospect, I start to think about all of ways I can add value to the account, which helps build my confidence. I get another confidence boost when I see the positive effects I'm having on the clients. Even if I'm unable to serve prospects with my current product or service, there are other ways to earn their trust. On many occasions, one of my contacts, prospects, or customers needed help or had a challenging situation that had nothing to do with what I could sell them. In those cases, I always make an effort to help. Helping other people without expecting anything back can build a tremendous amount of self-confidence and internal satisfaction. As the management expert Peter Drucker once said, "It is the willingness of people to give of themselves over and above the demands of the job that distinguishes the great from the merely adequate organization."

Don't fake it 
Some people believe in the old "fake it til you make it" strategy. But when a prospect asks you why you're the right person or company for a job, something powerful must happen when you respond. When you know deep in your soul that what you can offer is unique and full of value for the client, you won't hesitate to say so. If you're not so sure, you'll hesitate, maybe just for a second. Most prospects will pick up on that hesitation. A "fake it til you make it" mentality operates from a flawed and shallow foundation. It will not support you under pressure.  

If it's to be, it's up to me
Confidence just doesn't show up one day at the door. You have to work on it. If you maintain tenacity, focus, and a proactive approach to getting things done, you'll have the confidence to endure the tough times. In the end, you are the one who determines your success or failure.