Throughout the homestretch of the presidential campaign, will post a series of articles that focus on three questions that leading entrepreneurs would like to pose to the Democratic and Republican candidates.

Reid Hoffman--who earlier this year sold LinkedIn to Microsoft for a cool $26.2 billion--has been an outspoken supporter of Hillary Clinton and has made it clear, in word and deed, that's he's no fan of Donald Trump. So it may not surprise that, on the eve of the first presidential debate, he focused all his attention on the Republican candidate when we asked him for the three questions he'd like to ask both candidates.

1. Taxes on overseas manufacturing.

"Mr. Trump: How do your many promises to impose 35 to 45 percent tariffs on foreign imports--a massive form of regulation on entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and consumers--square with your desire to catalyze more business innovation through less regulation?"

2. A modern tech infrastructure.

"Mr. Trump: What role, beyond opening up our iPhones or closing down the internet, do you see government playing in creating 21st-century technological infrastructure that will give all U.S. citizens equal access to digital information, education, and employment opportunities?"

3. Releasing tax returns.

"Mr. Trump: Sixty-two percent of Republican voters, Republican leaders like Paul Ryan, and even many of your supporters want you to release your tax returns, just as every major presidential candidate of the past 40 years has done. Especially since you're running on your record of accomplishment as a businessman, shouldn't you give the public an opportunity to examine that record?"