Throughout the homestretch of the presidential campaign, will post a series of articles that focus on the questions that leading entrepreneurs would like to pose to the Democratic and Republican candidates.

Mark Cuban has made no secret of his support for Hillary Clinton and disdain for Donald Trump. However, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks does not identify as a Democrat--early on in the campaign, Cuban liked the fact that Trump was so "unrehearsed," he told Bloomberg. Cuban says he changed his mind when he found Trump to be "ignorant" on a number of issues. Even so, when asked what questions he most wants the presidential candidates to answer, this Shark didn't let either off the hook.

Here are the issues on which Cuban wants to hear specifics from both candidates:

1. Technology

What will you do to keep the U.S. a global tech leader? What will be your approach to key technology issues, including internet sales tax? And how will you use technology to improve government efficiency?

2. Foreign policy

How would you respond to the Yemen rebels? What is the impact of ISIS being pushed out of Mosul on your Middle Eastern and terrorism strategy?

3. International trade

If the U.S. becomes isolationist, how will Russia and China react?

4. Economic policy

Historically, candidates have used 10-year projections when addressing plans for economic policy, which are useless given the eight-year term limits. What will be the impacts of your economic policies one year and four years out?