If Arianna Huffington has her way, your bedtime ritual might soon involve tucking your smartphone into a small bed and covering it with a satin blanket.

The "smartphone bed," a charging station that looks like a bed, will be one of the first products sold by Thrive Global, the company that Huffington started after stepping down as editor-in-chief at The Huffington Post. "The idea is that you have a space for mommy's phone, daddy's phone, and every child's phone," she said on Tuesday at Fortune's Brainstorm Health conference in San Diego.

In addition to selling tech solutions direct to consumers, Huffington says Thrive will work with companies like Accenture, Snapchat, Uber, and JPMorgan Chase on corporate wellness programs. The intended goal is to find an effective way to measure the results of employee wellness and make the programs sustainable.

Launching November 30, Thrive's platform will include its own original content, as well as client websites. Users will be able to read from mix of scientific findings and personal stories about how wellness has led to companies' successes. The core of Huffington's mission is to create awareness about the importance of drawing boundaries when it comes to technology.