The day Elon Musk was scheduled to appear onset to shoot a cameo in Why Him?, a new movie about a Silicon Valley gazillionaire's attempt to win over his girlfriend's family, he was having trouble with his SpaceX rocket.

"So when he did come to set, I said, 'Elon, this is definitely the first time in the history of my career that I've had an actor cancel because of a failed rocket launch,'" the film's director and co-writer John Hamburg told Entrepreneur.

But for the sake of Silicon Valley, the ever-so-cool Musk played an important--if brief-- counter to James Franco's character as an off-his-rocker video game entrepreneur. Franco represents the epitome of the narcissistic, out-of-touch tech mogul who spends his billions on a moose suspended in a tank of its urine and a regulation-sized bowling alley to impress his girlfriend's father (played by Bryan Cranston).

The plot of this R-rated movie, co-written by Jonah Hill and produced by Ben Stiller, further proves one thing that HBO's Silicon Valley and movie The Internship, starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, have already driven home. Hollywood has not yet tired of the blundering, egotistical Silicon Valley archetype.