Facebook is experimenting with a bunch of new recruiting tools for businesses--which is good news for you, but bad news other job search platforms, like LinkedIn.

A limited number of businesses currently involved in the test see a "Jobs" tab on their page, where they can post open positions via a status entry that includes fields for title, salary, and type of position, according to a TechCrunch report. Jobs posts will appear in your Facebook newsfeed, but displayed in a format that will differentiate them from others posts.

An "Apply Now" button on the post will allow job seekers to begin the application form with pre-populated information pulled from the data Facebook collects from their page. Submitted applications will come to businesses in the form of a Facebook message. But companies will have to pay extra for a jobs post to get more visibility.

The benefits of these new features stem from the massive amount of data Facebook has collected on users, and the dynamic, interactive nature of a Facebook page versus a jobs page on a website.

The downside, many users might say, is the mixing of personal and professional social networks. Some users may not feel comfortable applying for a job on Facebook, where a potential employer might have access to personal information, photos, and status updates.