When Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took the stage at New York's Hofstra University on Monday night for the first presidential debate, business was not high on the agenda. But that didn't stop some key founders and investors from weighing on the night's festivities on Twitter.

Just 47 minutes into the debate, the back-and-forth was starting to weigh on some, like Shark Tank investor Marcus Lemonis.

And frustration with the candidates' lengthy answers prompted some to call out moderator Lester Holt for not reining them in.

Inevitably, the topic of Trump's tax returns surfaced. Though Trump said, "I don't mind releasing" them, and pledged that "as soon as the audit's finished, it will be released," Clinton suggested Trump might be hiding something, such as how little he pays in taxes. Chris Sacca, the Shark Tank star and Uber investor--who will host a Clinton fundraiser in New York City on Tuesday-- agreed.

The candidates did discuss cybersecurity. Both candidates agree that online threats from foreign states will be a major challenge for the next president. But Trump's comment that he can't be certain whether threats come from a foreign enemy or from "somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds" prompted an eyebrow raise from AOL's cofounder Steve Case and indignation from Grey's Anatomy producer and writer Shonda Rhimes.

Two of the business community's loudest political voices were silent online during the debate. Mark Cuban was in attendance, at Clinton's invitation. As for LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman, we can only guess was listening--in vain--for answers to his three most burning questions for Trump.