If you're counting down the days until the beginning of Girl Scout cookie season in January, you have more to crave than just desserts.

Girl Scouts of the USA has partnered with the consumer products giant General Mills to sell two new cereal flavors: Thin Mints and Caramel Crunch (based on Samoas).

Junk food-obsessed Instagram account @CandyHunting broke the news when it found stock images of the new cereal boxes. General Mills confirmed the new flavors saying it would release further details closer to January's launch, though presumably the snack food giant won't limit distribution to Scouts' sales. Most likely, the cereals will be making their way to a grocery store near you.

The tie-up represents the latest in a series of licensing partnerships Girl Scouts has made with private companies. The nonprofit youth organization for girls has lent its recognizable, feel-good name to brands like Dreyers, which now makes Tagalong ice cream, and Nesquik for the company's Thin Mints milk. Most recently, the Scouts partnered with Pillsbury on baking mixes so fans could make Caramel DeLites and Thin Mints cupcakes and brownies at home. In return, the Scouts' brand has managed to reach a wider audience through retail distribution.

While new products like this are mutually beneficial to companies and the nonprofit, critics argue that partnering with grocery store brands takes business away from a program that prides itself on teaching financial literacy and business skills to young girls.

Even so, you could argue that Scouts are also getting a valuable lesson in entrepreneurship--and marketing, in particular. The deals land the Scouts' name on grocery store shelves all year long--helping keep the brand top of mind beyond cookie season. In addition, the funds coming in to the organization are helping it scale its flagship cookie-selling operation.

This January, Girl Scouts will be adding two new cookie flavors that won't be found in grocery stores (at least for now)--two takes on campfire favorite S'mores.