You know that feeling, of getting so overwhelmed with the outrageous number of app alerts, that it's hard to know where to start? Google just announced some new changes to Gmail that might help ease that headache.

On Tuesday, the company's Inbox team announced that it will be adding new integrations to its email app with Trello, a project management app, and GitHub, a software collaboration platform. The feature is now available through an iOS or Android update, as well as in the browser. 

With the new integrations, Inbox will present summaries of the latest updates from both app--in the same message format users typically see with travel, events and newsletter emails.

Updates from Trello--a kind of virtual whiteboard used in project management to organize and designate tasks--will be curated, along with info on who performed the action. GitHub summaries will include the latest code changes and filed issues for each project's repository. For more details or to take action, users can tap to open the respective apps.