After six years of working on diversity and inclusion at Google, Nancy Lee, the company's vice president of people operations, is stepping down.

During her tenure, Lee oversaw initiatives to improve Google's employee diversity, which she says is about more than just numbers and also factors in inclusion. "It's about how do you leverage the diversity you bring into your company for the benefit of your products, for your work force, for your culture," she told Inc.'s Salvador Rodriguez onstage at the Change Catalyst's Tech Inclusion conference in October.

Some of Lee's efforts to improve training and step up Google's presence at historically black colleges have resulted in programs like Africans@Google, a group for employees of African descent, and the Black Googler Network.

But the company's latest diversity report showed stagnation in its advancement of diversity numbers. Women employees rose slightly from 30 percent in 2014 to 31 percent in 2015. Google's hires of black employees jumped from 2 percent to 4 percent, and Hispanic employees increased to just 5 percent, from 4 percent in 2014.

Google has yet to make a public announcement about who will take over Lee's role as vice president of people operations.