Three new tools from Google aim to improve collaboration and productivity for app designers and developers. They are the latest additions to Google's Material Design efforts, which aim to provide developers with tools and theoretical guidance to rethink how software should be designed for touchscreen. The tools are currently available for either download or early testing.

Each tool is meant to help developers prototype, demo, or elicit feedback earlier in the process. Here are the three components of the newest offerings:


Gallery allows developers to share and review projects. Commenting capabilities facilitate discussions among the team, and each version is saved separately so they can be revisited if necessary.


Stage allows developers to create prototypes earlier in the process. That way they can test out dynamic design, make sure interactive motions work correctly and make adjustments as needed. Users can currently request an invite for early testing of this tool.


Currently available on GitHub, Remixer is aimed at easing the process of sharing an app with less tech-focused members of the team. Once developers have created a prototype, they can demo it for others. The tool allows developers to make changes on the fly and show others how they affect the app in real-time.