He may spend weekdays gnashing his teeth on Shark Tank, but on the weekends Daymond John catches fish (and eats them for breakfast).

The investor and entrepreneur also has chickens, guineas, bees, fruit trees and grape vines on his property in Dutchess County, he told the New York Times. And when he can get away from the city for a weekend, John takes full advantage of the peace and quiet to unplug.

After fishing a breakfast of fish and eggs, his day is filled with exercise--tire flipping, knife throwing, bike riding and running--and of course, spending time with his five-month-old daughter.

John says he hasn't watched a new TV show in years, including Shark Tank. "It's intense," he told the Times. "I may be thinking about how much money I may have lost on that deal. If I go and get hooked on 'Black Is the New Whatever' or the zombie thing--I can't afford to get hooked. I don't have time."

Instead he sticks to an old favorite, Sex In The City, or he spends time with family and close friends around a campfire.

But after the physical activity and mental breaks, John says he gets back into work mode on Sunday evenings around 8 or 9 p.m.--and he's happy to do it. "I'm a kid who came from Hollis, Queens," he says. "We were all told, 'You're going to be dead or in jail by 21.' Now look at me. Life is too good.