Let's face it: Until now, your favorite Instagram posts were often lost in an endless stream of dog videos and "Kermit me-to-me" memes.

On Wednesday, the photo-sharing app announced a new feature that allows users to save posts of photos, videos, or product promotions that catch their eye--kind of like a Pinterest board.

The new bookmarking feature gives each post the possibility of having a longer shelf life. Of course, it also changes how companies market themselves: Now, there's a higher incentive to give consumers a reason to bookmark a post. Compelling stories told through videos about how a product was made, for instance, are more likely to get bookmarked. High-quality, beautiful imagery of products and places are also popular. And it doesn't hurt to include information that users might want to reference later, like details of an event, product recommendations, or tips on how to use product.

While Instagram's new feature sounds similar to a Pinterest board, it's important to keep in mind that the two platforms are still different in many ways. Users are more likely to use Pinterest to search for a specific product; they might log in to compare brands, or find inspiration on how to use something. Instagram, on the other hand, still remains a social media app primarily used to interact with friends.

If nothing else, the update at least gives marketers an easy call-to-action--one that says: "Y'all come back now!"