The state of diversity in Startupland and VC still has a lot of work to do. In LinkedIn's new member survey on the state of diversity in business, the data showed a huge gap in diversity awareness between men, women, and minorities.

The data, which surveyed 600 founders and investors across a variety of industries, shows that more than half of investors rank a founder's commitment to diversity last among their list of concerns when considering an investment. Most investors (75 percent) and founders (79 percent) aren't aware of their companies' efforts to include more women founders, or people of color in their portfolio.

All of this is likely due to the fact that white males make up the majority of those groups, and don't personally experience racism and sexism. About a quarter of male investors said they have witnessed sexism in their industry, while nearly 80 percent of women investors say they have.

When it comes to obstacles to recruiting a diverse workforce, white founders are significantly more likely than non-white founders to agree that "finding the best talent--regardless of diversity" is hindering more racial or gender diversity. Some white male founders even said it's "somewhat silly" to purposeful recruit diverse team members or that the pursuit has nothing to do with the business.