In contrast to how it acted during last week's Presidential debate, Silicon Valley's silence on Twitter during Tuesday night's vice presidential debates was deafening. (In fairness, many non-tech founders were far less vocal, too.) 

One likely reason: Shark Tank's Chris Sacca--a noted Valley heavyweight--and the show's star Mark Cuban were busy hosting a San Francisco fundraiser to raise money for Hillary Clinton's campaign. Donors of $100 got to see Sacca interview Cuban onstage, and $5,000 bought a ticket to a reception and a photo op with the duo.

Cuban got his chance to discuss the election earlier on Tuesday, when he appeared on Bloomberg TV to discuss his fears of market instability if Trump were to be elected president.

"Social unrest is the ultimate uncertainty," Cuban said, and went on to say that Trump's unpredictability could cause markets to tank if he were to be elected president.

Viewers were likely expecting a more measured performance from Governor Mike Pence, Senator Tim Kaine and moderator Elaine Quijano at tonight's debate, which took place at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia. And despite's Kaine's aggressive approach, that's what they got. The vagaries of the prospective veeps' many political disagreements are easily seen elsewhere, but Box CEO and cofounder Aaron Levie pointed out that the deep faith the two men espouse, at least, allowed him to envision a less-contentious joint future endeavor: