Let this be a lesson to anyone who threatens Jeff Bezos.

While the founder and CEO of Amazon is not his chief concern, Reid Hoffman is worried about the laundry list of intemperate remarks Trump made about women and minorities during his presidential campaign. That's why he pledged in a Medium post on Wednesday to donate up to $100,000 to the American Civil Liberties Union--which he says is already working to make America great.

You may remember the Cards Against Humanity-esque game Hoffman launched during the presidential campaign called, 'Trumped Up Cards: The World's Biggest Deck.' (The instructions begin by telling players to raise their right hands and say, "Believe me, folks, this deck is so yuuuge, you won't believe it! People all over the world are talking about it!") Hoffman now says he will donate $10 from every box sold between now and Inauguration Day on January 20 to the ACLU, up to $100,000.

When he launched the game in September, Hoffman wrote, "While Trumped Up Cards is just a game, democracy isn't," and now in LinkedIn's cofounder is now striking an even more down-to-business tone. Among jabs at Trump's small hands and 'yuuuge' equivocations, Hoffman has said that he's prepared for less-than-rosy circumstances if the billionaire real estate mogul lives up to his campaign promises.

"While I support President-elect Trump's frequent calls for national unity, during his campaign he also regularly employed rhetoric and endorsed policies designed to marginalize religious freedom, ethnic minorities, and women," Hoffman writes. "If Trump's actions as President reflect his campaign rhetoric, the ACLU and other capable organizations like it will be critical for defending the Bill of Rights for all Americans."