Reid Hoffman is invoking the 'laugh so you don't cry' coping method when it comes to Donald Trump's candidacy for president, thanks to his new Cards Against Humanity-esque game called, 'Trumped Up Cards: The World's Biggest Deck.'

It all started during the Republican primary debates, the LinkedIn founder wrote in a Medium post Wednesday. Hoffman says he and some colleagues were discussing the gamification of the political process.

"Inspired by The Daily Show and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, we decided that satire that reveals the absurdity of our current situation is the only fitting response to these times," he wrote.

Jabs at the Republican candidate that have been worked into Hoffman's post and the rules of the game where "players need really big hands to win." The person who claims to have the highest net worth goes first, and throughout the game, players have a chance to deport opponents' cards, declare bankruptcy or play the woman card.

Initially made for friends and family, anyone can now pick up a set of Trumped Up Cards for $20.16, and Hoffman says profits will go to "charities that are already working to keep America great."

Earlier this week, Hoffman offered to match five times the value of donations collected by a 26-year-old veteran's crowd funding campaign urging Trump to release his tax returns--up to $5 million. It seems like no matter the outcome of November's election, Hoffman is determined to turn this campaign season's shenanigans into a payday for a good cause.