Twitter was on fire Sunday night as the presidential candidates faced off at Washington University in St. Louis for a town hall-style debate.

AOL founder Steve Case eagerly awaited this second debate--which many expected to be explosive, given that it came on the heels of the release of a video of Trump talking about groping women. But Case hoped the night would somehow stay out of the gutter:

With much airtime dedicated to the candidates' personal scandals--Trump's "locker room talk," Clinton's emails, and both candidates' connections to financial and foreign powers--as well as the highly charged atmosphere surrounding this election--most reactions on Twitter were notably partisan. This Shonda Rhimes response to Trump's defense of the latest scandal was one of the more printable reactions--from her and the broader Twitterverse:

At one juncture, when Trump said the U.S. had an "almost $800 billion trade deficit" last year, Shark Tank investor Chris Sacca wondered what role Trump's business practices played in running up that number.

Laura Ingraham--while not an entrepreneur, but host of the radio show The Laura Ingraham Show and a leading Trump supporter--saw Clinton on the ropes this time around.

In the end, Greylock Partners investor John Lilly managed to find an upside for at least one key institution.