Leaders often make the mistake of emailing their team throughout the day and ignoring the best time to get a reply. Instead, try this one email modification to increase your effectiveness as a leader.

Acknowledge that timing is important. Send your email when it's most likely to get a quality reply instead of when it's just convenient to send.

Email marketers have used this tool for years because it works so effectively. Research shows, the overall best time to send an email is 10 a.m. in the readers' time zone.

This likely varies for your team, so schedule your email to go out at the best time using a simple tool and these three easy steps:

1. Consider when you would like your email to be read.

Ask yourself, is this email urgent? If not, consider scheduling it to go out during an ideal response window.

Avoid sending out a barrage of emails to go out at the end of work day; when emails may be read but any action saved for later. A more ideal response window would be first thing the next morning or when they first get into the office.

2. Write your email with the response you would like in mind.

Be specific when and how you would like a response.

Instead of "Please reply ASAP," try "by 5 p.m. next Tuesday."

Here is an approach is especially helpful when you would like feedback. Instead of asking an opened ended question like "What do you think?", try giving specific options A, B, or C. Notice how much more quickly the other party replies.

3. Use a simple tool to schedule your outgoing email.

If you use Microsoft Outlook:

- Open a new email. Then go to Options>Delay Delivery>Check the box that says "Do not deliver before">then insert date and time.

Your email will sit in your outbox until the scheduled time.

Note: If you want a copy saved in your sent box, then you must also check "save copy of sent message"

If you use Gmail, I highly recommend trying Boomerang. It's a very simple tool and allows you to schedule up to 10 messages a month for free.

Most other email services have this a similar capability available as well.

Lastly, its worth mentioning that the best part of scheduling your emails to your team is that you are more likely to get a response when it's convenient for you to read.

Plus, your team may start scheduling their emails to you as well!