Slack Technologies, Inc.'s reigning company of the year, is best known as the makers of beautiful enterprise collaboration and chat software, but did you know that hundreds of thousands of people are using Slack to build communities for everything from music to startups?

The social chat app may have been designed for business use, but it can also function like an IRC or a large group chat. I've joined several of the communities over the last few months (and even created one for my alma mater) and received immeasurable value and strong connections from these Slack communities.

With some help from my friend Matt Schlicht at Hamster Pad -- the social layer for Slack -- I've compiled a list of 123 Slack communities for entrepreneurs, developers, designers, product managers, and other communities that can benefit any aspiring or seasoned entrepreneur. Some, like Startup Study Group and iOS Developers, have thousands of active members. Others are more targeted or location-specific, like #orlandotech, and are thus smaller and more intimate.

Without further ado, here is the comprehensive list of Slack Chats for every entrepreneur:


General Entrepreneurship and Tech Slack Chats:

Developer Slack Chats:

Mobile Development Slack Chats:

Marketing Slack Chats:

Product Management Slack Chats:

Design Slack Chats:

Finance and FinTech Slack Chats:

Miscellaneous Slack Chats: