As an entrepreneur, it matters who you take money from to fund your business. The right investor can help you accomplish things you never could do alone. The wrong investor can hold your business back or even kill it. That's why it's vital to find the most helpful venture capitalists.

Every week in my Tech Caucus newsletter, I anonymously poll ~50 leaders of the tech industry -- top founders, investors, journalists, and execs from Google, Greylock, Fortune, Uber, The Wall Street Journal, CloudFlare, inDinero, Techcrunch, and others -- on the most important issues facing the tech industry. Last week, we discussed the FBI vs. Apple and homelessness in San Francisco. This week, the Caucus voted on their favorite venture capitalists.

This list of 31 VCs are the cream of the crop. All of them are recommended by the Caucus as the most helpful, thoughtful, and successful investors in the business. Some are highly visible, like Union Square's Fred Wilson. Others, like Shana Fisher, keep a low profile but hold stellar reputations nonetheless. Regardless, they all play a big role when it comes to deciding which products will shape our future.

This is the list of 31 venture capitalists you need to know, as recommended by the Tech Caucus:

  1. Antonio Rodriguez (Matrix Partners) - "Very friendly and great guy, who is a former entrepreneur," declared one member of the caucus.
  2. Michelle Tandler (Trinity Ventures) - "She's so awesome and intelligent and is the future of VC."
  3. Ann Miura-Ko (Floodgate)
  4. Sarah Tavel (Greylock Partners)
  5. Zack Ware (VTF Capital)
  6. Jeremy Conrad (Lemnos Labs)
  7. Bill Gurley (Benchmark) - "[He] works his ass off for his companies."
  8. Fred Wilson (Union Square) - "They truly understand the Internet and where the opportunities do and don't lie. They are thoughtful, wickedly smart, and connected."
  9. Dmitry Grishin (Grishin Robotics)
  10. Steve Jurvetson (DFJ)
  11. Scott Sandell (NEA) - "He is a terrific human being."
  12. Jeremy Liew (Lightspeed)
  13. Manu Kumar (K9 Ventures)
  14. Shana Fisher (High Line Venture Partners) - "She stays under the radar, but has bet on more winners than anyone I can think of."
  15. Brad Feld (Foundry Group) - "He shares how he thinks and he lives outside the SV bubble and has a different perspective for that reason."
  16. Reid Hoffman (Greylock Partners)
  17. Peter Fenton (Benchmark)
  18. Eric Chin (Crosslink)
  19. *Alfred Lin (Sequoia Capital)
  20. Alex Iskold (Techstars) - "Works harder than anyone I know for entrepreneurs."
  21. John Lilly (Greylock Partners)
  22. Ken Lerer (Lerer Hippeau Ventures) and
  23. Eric Hippeau (Lerer Hippeau Ventures) - "I've seen them really go above and beyond for their investment companies. Not just the normal every three months board meeting, but very regular check-ins, advice, and being available when tough moments come up."
  24. Heather Hartnett (Human Ventures)
  25. Mark Suster (Upfront Ventures)
  26. Sunny Dhillon (Signia Venture Partners)
  27. Roy Bahat (Bloomberg Beta)
  28. Jeremy Levine (Bessemer Venture Partners)
  29. Josh Elman (Greylock Partners)
  30. Aileen Lee (Cowboy Ventures)
  31. David Hornik (August Capital)