Sales is all about connecting with people -- we all know that. So why are so many sales reps spending all of their time behind a screen, only occasionally getting out to mingle in person?

Sales conferences are a great way to connect with potential buyers, but also to learn from peers and discover new products and technologies that can help your day-to-day productivity.  

That said, not all sales conferences are created equal. The most helpful sales conference is a mix of education, networking, and of course, parties. Here are the top 10 on my radar for 2018.

When: February

Where: San Francisco

Why You Should Go: This three-day conference brings together B2B SaaS professionals, including founders, senior executives and venture capitalists. Go to this event if you're interested in the latest technology that's making waves in the sales industry -- or will soon.

When: March

Where: Atlanta

Why You Should Go: The goal of this event is to bring your organization to the "modern age" and update your organization so that your buyers feel that their interactions are totally seamless. This event is targeted toward those in sales development, operations, and leadership.

When: March

Where: San Francisco

Why You Should Go: Want to hear from your favorite personalities in sales, and learn how your team can work with your marketing department for better overall results? This conference focuses on moving the total brand forward, showcasing the newest trends in sales, and includes a good mix of tech and strategy talks.

When: April

Where: Chicago

Why You Should Go: Sponsored by huge names like Microsoft and LinkedIn, this conference is known to bring in the top names in inside sales. You'll learn about the top challenges expected for 2018, and new strategies to be more successful than ever before.

When: June

Where: New York City

Why You Should Go: Want to hear about the specifics of how to run a sales department, be a great salesperson, and close faster and better deals? From analysis of specific strategies (like 2017's discussion about cold outreach) to how to brand an entire company, this conference is packed with information and tips that will make you better the moment you return to your office.

When: August

Where: Vancouver, Canada

Why You Should Go: One of the newest events to gain a following in the sales conference circuit, Traction is all about getting and keeping customers, and growing their lifetime value. This event focuses on entrepreneurs as well as sales teams.

When: September

Where: Boston + San Francisco

Why You Should Go: This conference is a one-day, one-stage event for Sales and Marketing leaders focused on growth. If you want to meet and build relationships with the bright minds behind some of the fastest growing organizations, this conference is for you. 

When: October

Where: Dublin, Ireland

Why You Should Go: This SaaS-focused event brings all the greats in sales technology under one roof, which means it's a great place to be for a salesperson who wants to impress their boss and make more sales. If you want to know what Qualtrics, Intercom, Slack and more are cooking up for your team, this is a must. Also, who doesn't want an excuse for a sponsored trip to Ireland?

When: November

Where: San Francisco

Why You Should Go: Arguably the keystone sales conference of the year, this enormous event features celebrity speakers as well as the top sales professionals in the world. 2017's conference brought in names like Michelle Obama and Ashton Kutcher, as well as Susan Wojcicki, Kasper Rorsted and Ginni Rometty. If you want to be a part of a star-studded, luxe event, DreamForce should be on your professional bucket list.

When: Multiple Dates - March, June, October

Where: Multiple Locations - San Francisco, Philadelphia, Las Vegas

Why You Should Go: Focusing on B2B sales, this event focuses on how to make your sales organization more efficient and effective with technology and strategy overhauls. Topics include sales coaching, account-based marketing, artificial intelligence and the power of having the right mindset to approach clients.