Mantality is a health company that provides testosterone replacement treatments to busy men who have low "T."

The reason Mantality is so successful is that it is so simple.

Kevin Meuret founded the company because he's a busy father who doesn't have a lot of time. Because he has kids, he's always on the move. 

He doesn't have time to waste. 

And he knows that other men don't have time to waste either.

Given that one premise, he also looked at his own life, and the lives and millions of other men and put 2 and 2 together. 

His premise: people need help but they're too busy to get it. Let's make it as convenient as possible.

Given that the world is moving so fast, and that people have increasingly less time, especially those with family's, he decided to take the best science around helping men get higher energy through testosterone replacement so they could be respectfully better at the core things that matter in their lives. 

But he knew there would be a catch. Even if he could promise men more energy and higher performance in all areas of their lives, especially with their family and other CORE priorities, most men still wouldn't make the time to get that bonus energy, because well, they're already overly busy and in survival mode.

So, he made it as easy and convenient as possible. 

You don't have to go to a hospital. You schedule a Skype appointment with a certified physician and pharmacist. And then you get your FDA approved supplements shipped straight to you in the mail. 

No hassle.

Save yourself time.

But get yourself the results so you truly can show up better where you need to.

The reason I love this example is that, when I talk to Kevin, he's just so blunt and honest. He is his own target audience. He's 49 years old, has 6 kids, and his kids really matter to him. He's very busy ensuring they have a good childhood. But he's also running a company and has all sorts of other things he's doing.

His health matters to him.

He saw a simple solution to help other men get the help they needed, in a way that was convenient enough to actually reach them in their overly-booked and busy lives.

How can you apply these ideas and this level of passion and clarity to your niche?